IELTS Band 7.0 Model Essay4ーWritten by Sayaー











Academic Vocabulary 対策、そろそろ真剣に考えます。


今日はModel Essay Band 7の紹介です。もう第4弾ですね。

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初めて読んでくださる方には、少し説明いたしますが、こちらのModel EssayはIELTS受験期、私Sayaが作成したもので、その後ネイティブの指導を入れてもらった文章です。

ですから、今の所、私の力だけではBand 7は出せないのですが・・・(泣)

ネイティブチェックが入っているため、Band 7が出ると想定された質のものです。






In some counties, it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to find full-time careers after they graduate from university. What do you think are the causes of this problem and what measures could be taken to solve it?


In some countries, new graduates have been suffering from failing to find a full-time job opportunity. This essay will discuss the major reasons for this matter and explain effective measures to tackle this problem.


This serious issue is mainly caused by the economic situation of the country such as deflation. Due to this situation, most companies have dropped their profits which renders them unable to hire new employees. The nineties in Japan constitute a good example of this situation. After Japan experienced an economic crisis in 1990, many companies had closed down or accrued a great number of liabilities. As a result, the companies could not provide new positions for young generations and the graduates’ unemployment rate peaked in 1999.


Since a lack of job opportunities for university graduates and economic situation are significantly correlated, the best measure to tackle the problem is to improve the domestic economy. To achieve this, the government needs to support companies via subsidies, such as funding for new investments and inventions. Not only this measure can encourage them to create new job positions for young people but also companies can gain more business opportunities.


To sum up, this essay has concluded that the economic situation is the main cause of the high youth unemployment rate. To deal with this situation, the government should provide subsidies to companies.